She calls this series of her work /neradiv/the practice or art of telling visual stories. Through this, we get a compelling body of work that takes the viewer through certain visual plains that lie between straight photography and classical pictorialism. Making use of the technique of photographic encaustic, she combines photography with other plastic media imparting the image with a beauty that is timeless and a process that is historic as well as authentic. “Fundamental elements of photographic construction are the ambiguity of original subject, selective focus, complex layers of tonal value, grain or slow shutter speed to evoke atmospheric and/or painterly perspective, the addition of artist oil paints and found ephemeral materials such as tissue paper, torn photographic images to create a collage effect. The fusion of these elements, combined with the choice of an original photograph printed on fine-art watercolor paper as the printing medium gives the work an ethereal, other-worldly quality with the elegance of a tactile surface.” She “goes beyond what she thinks she sees” to create her own personal artistic vision and to tell her own visual stories

Published in 2020

Unni Pulikkal

Dr.Unni Krishnan Pulikkal S.,