Hal Bromm Gallery, New York, presents FACES II, the second iteration of a two-part exhibition examining the use of the human face as subject matter in contemporary art. The exhibition showcases over 30 works by artists who, through a variety of mediums, highlight the dual role of the face as a primary vehicle for human expression as well as a source of intimate and complex emotions centered around identity, adversity, and vulnerability.

FACES I offers a contemporary look at the classical role of portraiture, refuting the idea of representational figurative art as a form of vanity or signifier of intellect. Instead, the current exhibition centers on the duality of the human experience, and the contrast between inner emotions and outward performativity. Whereas Classicism is visually known for harmony and restraint, the works on display are expressive and energetic, using subjective interpretations of the face to emphasize the pervasive daily struggle to unite different components of gender identity, societal oppression, individual choice, and social anonymity.

From a variety of different cultures and backgrounds, the presented artists use the face as a lens to examine the multitude of ways in which identity is structured or fabricated, rewriting the ways in which portraits can be used to question and deconstruct the foundations of individuality.
The show features works by Olasunkanmi Akomolehin, Frédéric Amat, Craig Coleman, Diego Cortez, Roger Cutforth, Keith Davis, Jimmy DeSana, Tim Fite, Jean Foos, Luis Frangella, Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, Deborah Kass, Tom Keough, Ariane Lopez-Huici, Anja Marais, Thomas Micchelli, Natalya Nesterova, Letty Nowak, Victor Pesce, Lucio Pozzi, Rick Prol, Ted Rosenthal, Abbey Rosko, Gary Schneider, Pamela Sneed, David Wojnarowicz, and Rey Zorro.