Yes. As a photographer, I do work with time in many ways. I need time to get into friendship with my subject.  Sometimes this happens quickly. At other times, I need days or months before I realize what secrets my subjects possess. Because I want to expose that secret.

One of my favourite ways is to wait for the best time of the day with the perfect light I need.

Sometimes this takes a lot of my time, but it makes me richer and more perceptive of what is going on. Then, of course, there is the shutter time that I can choose, from very long exposures to one in eight thousandth of a second. When this is not enough I can freeze the image with my studio or location flash at one in a nineteen thousandth of a second. And that is a very short time where liquid becomes solid! This is something what I cannot see in the normal world. It seems that photography has much to do with time.

Time is our friend and not an enemy as often seen in the modern world. Good photography takes time!

Once I made a series of photographs in the U.S.A, at Lake Michigan, South Haven. The waves were rolling and the birds were flying around. They had been doing this since the start of time. And even when I was passing over, the waves did this ritual again and for longer than they did it for me. It made me think!

So let us enjoy our Time and accept it as a gift.  And let’s use this beautiful phenomena called, TIME to the most. Thank you for taking time to read this.

Published in 2016

Theo Berends

Fine Art Photographer