Any crime on human society, irrespective of it’s nature is an attack on it’s fabric, existence and expression within it’s set laws. When an individual knowingly or unknowingly tries to break that fabric, society reacts with it’s might to protect itself by taking away his freedom and space. My curiosity to know more on these facilities lead me to accompany a team visiting Ohio State Reformatory on a photography tour, where one of my personal favorite Shawshank Redemption was as well filmed.

Each step in the reformatory was a pause for me….with imaginations of life within, the cries….tortures….agony and friendships it’s walls might have seen over years.

After documenting an array of prison cells, outside and inside view of a constrained grim cell life, I was pleasantly surprised by the view of an empty sofa in the backdrop of a window light…or call it a ray of hope…placed in the hall, which took me back to imagine the ghost stories, the reformatory is famous or infamous for.

While the intention of the trip was to capture better frames than I had seen before, it ended up in a realization of the freedom we enjoy and the small price we have to pay by being part of society’s upkeep.

After all it was a morning well spent, with an awakening as a take away.

Published in 2017

Ratheesh CL

Ratheesh C.L.
Nature and Fine Art Photographer