The concept of freedom has haunted mankind since its dawn. Space, which defines the quantum of freedom experienced by mankind, has bothered it through the ages too. Space, in its infinity, signifies boundless freedom… and with it, light, warmth and adventure in the public domain.

Space, limited or enclosed, signifies darkness, coolness, loneliness and makes you perhaps feel the security of the womb. In its extreme form, it could develop into ‘Claustrophobia’, an irrational fear of confined space, manifested symptomatically through a fear of being restricted and of being suffocated. Overcrowded elevators, rooms without windows, minuscule cars, cubicles and rooms, airplanes, trains, caves above and underwater, dungeons, cellars and tight necked clothing are routine situations that trigger an intense feeling of Claustrophobia.

Published in 2017

Author_Prasanth Raveendran

Prasanth Raveendran
Nature and Fine Art Photographer